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Few Good Steps Called Friends
Few Good Steps Called Friends

© Debjyoti Roy


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“Et tu Brute?? Then fall Caesar..” The most famous quote in English literature that I have read which signifies the deception by a closest friend. Well, none like the other days I was so interested in Julius Caeser. “I guess somebody is finally paying intrinsic attention in the class, what’s the reason Davis?? “ “Ma’m Caesar is finally dead ….hehehe..” “Hmm, chance makes our parents, but choices makes our friends. One day you will also understand what friendship means Davis. Life always gives you a chance to choose between the shortest way and the good way.”

Well I guess those were another few pristine words which were surely intangible for me. I surely did learn them not by meaning but by words.

Over the years on my way to the few last days of high school, was I so restless , with my youthful energetic blood gushing , I would hardly pay attention to what my parents said. Well, studies were their main concern and mine was biking…” Gosh, can’t anybody make them understand that I have a group of friends to enjoy!! ,“….I would think. At the evening time our Physics tutor, Mr. Sinha, would ask us to show him the solutions to the nut cracking questions that he was really fond of gifting to us as homework. But me or two from our group would complete it. Now I would again submerge into my fantasy world which was the precise reason for my detention to studies…was I not apt for science, or did I again spent a bit more time with my passion?? Should I ask my group for a group study at night, but then they would reject!! Well whatever it was, I would feel a sheer despondency at every second. As a result I again failed. “Anyways who cares, its just two hours of class, then off with my bike again!!?” I would think.

It is said that a man is known by the company he keeps. Well not a very complex sentence has to be understood as I read it in my moral science class sometime in class five. This was for sure that I had gained wings to fly, but nothing could make me understand about the superficial world that I was leading with…

Like the changing seasons, I had landed on to another phase of life called college. Many say that this is a voyage, a rendezvous of true bondage of friendship. I blindly accepted that. A new place, new rules, new heads. Often in my dreams I would dream of a bucolic subway which usually ended in to a dark forest, something like forbidden forest as such in HARRY POTTER. Just a minute later, my dark fantasy would break by the huge uproar and banging on the door of my room. “ Ohh god not again, seniors !! Give it a break!! I would take a minute or two to make my self understand that should I curse them to wake me up at the middle of the night or boon them to wake me up at the middle of my way to forbidden forest. Nevertheless, consequences were known, decided. As days passed I started understanding the depth and means of leading a life. Few people would certainly escort me to the roof for smoking weed, which I would badly deny, just to complete their circle. “In contrast, their were heads though very few, would restrict me from going.

Quite often when I would sit at dregs of sunset, thinking about all unwanted when my heart and mind would go unparalleled, a titan war between my heart and mind, a hand from behind would rest on my should and would ask calmly,” what happened?” it seemed as if I was restlessly waiting for his presence. It seemed as if his only voice would pacify my mental storm, and would turn the table completely. He would act like a sympathetic person, quite dear as my brother. Was he a true friend?? Whatever he was, he seemed to me like an angel. I would then equate his behavior with my parental words and finally justified that he really cared. Yes he was a friend.

Across the time, knowingly or unknowingly, I had started taking care of my bewildered mind. I would soon turn to my parents for any inch big decision. I had started believing that whatever it is, on the hierarchy of friends our parents take the firts position.

Now that I have started believing that highway do also have portholes, it was peak time that I have a good navigator. Like the fool’s gold, few do camouflage and tag them as good friends. Wow!! Look at that! Now we have a category too?? They will really put you in horns of dilemma. If not anything then they will surely gift you an urn full of sabotage.

Slowly and steadily when I started understanding that true friendship never dies. It’s like the candle blowing throughout the night. Impartial, yet true. Often, those sitting aimlessly under the pitch black sky and discussing about our school days would make me understand that how stupid was I !! had I taxed a little more to my mind to solve those nutcrackers I would surely been in a better condition. Perhaps, all those relinquishing memoirs would cast that it was just yesterday. My English teacher was right. It all depends on us.

I remember a day when I was agitated for a few reasons, my emotions were to break, had a fight with my close ones due to that. Thought being a good actor I would fail in front of him. I would show my Arian anger to him, and ask him “ why do u care so much?? “ he would sulkily minimize our distance, give me a warm hug and say “ because I am your friend”… all my atrocities would roll down through pearl shining tears.

The most enthralling part of life is that, though this four letter word is written in pure black and white letters, there are few colored pages called friendship. They have various faces though. Few are the gifts of god like parents, few are good guides, philosophers like my English teacher and few which I filtered among a lot, who aroused the phoenixes of my senses, whom I earned by choosing the good way, they are my friends. Nevertheless they explained me the difference between loneliness and solitude. They pulled me out from those black jeopardy when needed and thank them all for being an alphabet in my untamed life. That’s why it is said…

“Friends and books should be few and good”………

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