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My Childhood Memory
My Childhood Memory

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Some incident happens in our life, we come across some situations that are not in our control. We do fun with friends, we study, we play and do entertain. When we were in a spiritual life, in a divine life; I mean to say when we are free from a commercial life that is the CHILDHOOD we call it. Life goes on from that childhood to the world of responsibility, brings some moments from the childhood, some incidents captured in our mind forever and that interesting facts becomes a MEMORY in our later part of our life.

I am here scratching such a memory from my childhood diary. This happened, when I was in 7th class. One fine morning, a new teacher entered in our class for the GK period. After a formal introduction, she started writing some GK questions on the board. After few minutes, one of my friend started making fun of the words written on the board in a sarcastic voice again and again. It was very unusual for the teacher, so she left the class before the scheduled time, without noticing the defaulter.

It was my bad luck, she complained in front of our strict and angry class teacher against me that I was disturbing the class. I was not able to convene that and all the punishments I had to bear. Our class teacher made me stand in the prayer field with an luggage box over my head for about 2 hours. I was very disappointed at that time, but nothing was in my hand. I got insulted by my juniors and classmates.

This is how that incident just could not recognize my innocence and became a topic of discussion of my life.

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