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Flower Of The Girl
Flower Of The Girl

© Neo-Salma Noureen-Vela


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Once there was an ordinary girl. She was gifted with a beautiful flower by heavens.

I ask you, Oh! little passing girl

What would you do with your golden curls?

I’m your man, made for you

I can give you beauties of the world

I’m hungry; I want you feed me your flower

I will feel like a stronger man and even younger

Little girl smiled and then thought for a while

There she saw some died twig pile

Perhaps this man has asked many flower girls

There were left over of many petals

She answered him O! man of hunger

Flowers are no meant to eat

They are to be kept in shade and breeze

So that you can smell its fragrance

The man with big appetite smiled at her ignorance

And then there was her good father

Asked her in his tender voice with mercy

Oh my little girl you see we are in need

With little money it’s hard to feed

If you give me your flower

I can take it to the seller

There are plenty who will buy it

‘Then I can bring you milk and bread

An obedient daughter always listens,

She never disobeys her old age patrons

The little girl heart, filled with love

Stepped to give flower to her beloved father

Then she thought all my sisters did the same

But father never brought us bread and milk

And with all the flower money

He smoked another pipe

She dreams of a man

A man of honor,

Who can keep her flower

In his subtle love and courage

Where it grows everyday

And never dies

She kept her flower for the man of honor

She was sent to bring some water

And to feed her father and sisters

There were hiding robbers

They took away her flower

Smashed it and ate it away

They are gone

And the little girl laying there


In the blood of her golden flower





flower pipe blood worthless

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