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Pradita Kapahi


Something Broken

Something Broken

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A conversation between a four-year-old and his babysitter ensues

‘What is cloaked?’


‘Then what is clocked?’

‘Something to do with time, or achieving something. Please, not now. I’m trying to find my phone. I don’t know where I put it… Did you see my phone?’

He doesn’t answer. After a while -

‘What is croaked?’

‘Aargh! Can you be any more annoying?! The sound a frog makes. Go play somewhere else now!’

‘Umm…What is crooked?’

‘Please, go bother someone else.’

‘But you’re the babysitter. There’s no one home. What is crooked?’

‘Something bent. Now go!’

‘Please, one last one. I still don’t have the word I’m looking for.’

‘Oh god! What?!’

‘How about cracked?’

‘BROKEN! Something broken. Like my patience, kiddo!’

‘YES! That’s the word I was looking for? Umm... I’m sorry. Your phone got cracked.’

He throws down the pieces of her shattered phone on the floor and runs away.

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