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My Dream For Us
My Dream For Us

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My dear,

Decades from now when you pick up this letter again from a small stack of old memories we build together, I hope you feel the same about me as you do right now. I hope we would still greet each other the same way each morning. Waking up next to you would still fill my heart with peace. We would still go out for our morning walks, maybe one or both of us might walk slower, use a stick or even be in a wheelchair, but having you by my side as we step out into the world everyday would hopefully still feel the same.

The assurance, the solid support that I get from you as we plan our goals for the future would grow stronger over the years. We would still laugh with our family over breakfast each morning as I serve you your eggs cooked sunny side up, the way you love them. No tea or coffee for both of us as we sip our fresh fruit juices. Our similarities would grow with us over the years and we would be enjoying more stuff together by then. You might even read an entire book without dozing off and I might actually understand business negotiations by observing you over the years.

We would go to a beach and enjoy a swim together and I won’t worry about tanning by then because I would still feel beautiful every time you look at me. As you hold my hand or caress my cheeks, you wouldn't mind the wrinkles of your old companion. Our laugh lines would be a proof of our happy time together, how you made me chuckle at your silly lines and the secret jokes we shared. We would lie under the stars on the terrace of our house that you are building for me right now and think about how we made it our home together, sifting through the memories of our wedding, babies, first steps, schools, colleges, jobs, more weddings, grandchildren and what not… Through it all the best thing was to have you by my side.

Facing all ups and downs together as we made our way to this peaceful day. I would still be able to keep my head on your chest and listen to your heartbeat as I do now… That’s my dream for us, my love.

May it come true gradually.

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