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The Story Of 'A'
The Story Of 'A'

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Once upon a time there lived a boy in England whose name was 'a'. His father's name was 'A' and his mother's name was 'ae'. 'a' was very proud of himself. He was very fair complexioned and has blue eyes, blond hair. His voice was very soft and melodious. His family, especially his grandparents were world famous musicians. He thought he was the richest and his family was the only respected family in England. He was very rich indeed and lived in a two- storeyed home. He ate in plates of gold and used only silverware. He made fun of the other boys in the class especially 'x', 'y' and 'z' for not being as rich or as fair as him. He laughed at them for being from an unknown place.
The other children of the class were very upset with 'a'. They decided to play on their own without calling him. They all avoided 'a'. Indeed 'a' became very sad and silent while his other classmates played and sang songs, made up new songs and games and did not talk to 'a'. Even if 'a' was around he was made to keep quiet and sit in the corner.
The teacher saw 'a' crying and told the other children in the class that they must play with 'a'. In fact, they must start the games with 'a'. To make 'a' feel happy, the teacher started to give the first number she taught the name 'a'. But 'a' was not happy. He wanted to play with his friends and enjoy with them with out the teacher forcing them to do so.
When 'a' went home he was very sad. His mother gave him food to eat in his favourite golden plate. But 'a' was not happy about eating in a gold plate anymore. His mother asked him why was he sad. His father 'A' also asked 'a' why he was sad. His father had given him the best clothes, the most expensive car and put him in one of the best schools in England.
'a' told his parents that the children of his class were jealous of him. They did not talk politely to him- in fact they avoided playing with him. He wanted to go to a different and better school. 'a' s father told him that he will come to his school the next day.
'a' s mother told him a story but she told him a story not of fairies and demons but a story of their family. The ancestor of 'a' was not born in a rich aristocratic family in England. In fact he was born in Egypt, a far away country in Middle East. He travelled to many countries as he was a trader. He was an oil merchant and very dark complexioned. The great-grandparents of 'a' lived in Greece and many of the previous generations lived in Germany and his grandmother lived in India and was an Indian.
His mother told 'a' that most of his school friends were from countries and families richer than his. They were more talented and he could learn a lot by playing with them. 'a' understood that no child is born rich or poor. No family is better or worse if born in a particular place or country. In fact the ancestors were all traders who has borrowed or lent money or riches to each other.
The next day 'a' went to school and told his friends he was sorry about his behaviour. They all smiled at him and played together. 'a' did not mind if he was taken second, third or last in the game. Though he was seated next to a girl named 'b' and became good friends with 'e', 'i', 'o' and 'u', he played with every one. 'a' understood that we can enjoy only if we play together. We can make beautiful music only if we sing with every one and take different places in a song. 'a' enjoyed playing and singing with his friends. From 'a' to 'z' all the children in the class became good friends and lived happily ever after.

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