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Yes! I am going to write about friends! For some its going to be the happiest article to read because its about their favorite people after their families sometimes more than family! Nevertheless, for some its going to be sad because they have always suffered because of this tag of "FRIENDS".

F.R.I.E.N.D.S, the show is what we imagine our life to be. But, the bitter truth of life hits us. Life is always not going to be that way. There are some people whom maybe we don't even acknowledge as our well wishers, however, when we are down and broken they will be there and we feel more comfortable with them. Unfortunately, there are also some people who pretend to be our friends, but don't even give a damn about what is going on in our lives.

"Quality over quantity". In this big deal of having friends, having 1 or 2 trustworthy people in our lives is much better than having many fair weather friends. Be open minded and give a chance to everyone you meet and never judge a person. Sometimes its in those tiny moments of kind that you find a friend for life! And the most important in any friendship: Never be happy in other person's sadness! And never be jealous of your'e friends success. If you feel you are jealous talk it out with them, they will surely understand :)

If you have a problem with them, talk to them rather than talking about them, it may be beneficial for both of you :)

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