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My Hero
My Hero

© Juhi Goyal

Thriller Inspirational

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Once upon a time... nah! Every story starts the same way and ends in the same way... and they live happily ever after! But my story is a different in every regard except that I too have a Hero in my story. But where is he now? I don't know. I am in search of my Hero. The Hero of my life. The one who would love me, care for me, pamper me and would be crazy for me. 

My story is of those days when I had just joined my college. I still remember my first day of college. My seniors surrounded me as if a new animal had come in the zoo. Ragging! I was watching them, making a puppy face so they would have mercy on me. But their faces were red and their smiles were not friendly. They took me in a dimly lit room. There was a board of switches. A senior girl came forward and asked me to press a single button and if I failed to switch ON the fan I would be locked in the bathroom. I gathered my guts and pressed the button and a sight of relief was on my face. But it was just a hallucination. The fan was not ON. Sweat began to break all over my face. Suddenly everyone began to laugh and I began to cry. It had been just a joke. Ragging was not allowed in my college. And then I saw him. He was my senior. He was very cute. Everyone was laughing at me except him. He came forward to stand with me. But I never gained enough courage to tell him that I loved him. Therefore, I am sharing my story here, in the hope that one day he would read my story and would remember the girl for whom he had stood and would know that I am still waiting for him at the same decided place every year on the decided date. Hope he gets my secret message and we may live happily ever after.

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