An Ode To Love Lost

An Ode To Love Lost

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There we were, content with what we had. Not much, but it was love. It was enough.

Morning delights, star-gazing nights, reading together, “Read it to me”, you would say, pointing to the Gita. And I would oblige for it symbolised the bond we shared.

Sleeping together, day or night, bodies intertwined, one soul to make it whole. To make it divine.

“Mother!” you would chuckle on the phone. Telling her how the day was. She would complain, mock you, chide you for troubling me. You didn’t mind. “He is mine!”

We would dream. Of a time, where it would be all sunshine. No rains, just leaves, green and bright. “It would be you and it would be me.” You said. I believed you. I believed us. “Take the step.” You urged. “Take the leap”. I took it.

They say death is as white as white can be. No pain, no suffering. Once you cross the rim.

We were at the lip, my love.

There was a light. It was distant. It was dim. Yet it blinded me. It engulfed me when you left. It choked me into nothingness. There was a pain. It gnawed at me, the light. I struggled.

Then, it went dark.

I look at your pictures. Look at the messages filled with love. I try to make out what it was that died. Was it you, was it me, or was it us?

I died today and yesterday. I will die tomorrow.

I just miss your presence in my soul.

 The void there refuses to fill. It looks at me with contempt.


For you, I wish this, my love. May you fill it soon enough.

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