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Wriggle Wriggle, Dig Dig
Wriggle Wriggle, Dig Dig

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One day Nimmu the worm was in the garden. He saw a banana peel that someone had dropped carelessly.

"Yippee... nibble nibble chew chew...

What a wonderful snack for today!"

"Wriggle.. wriggle.. quick.. quick, I need to reach it before someone else does", he thought hurrying towards the peel signalling to his family who were digging nearby.

Someone was watching..not the banana peel but Nimmu and the worms following him. It was the farmer's son Raju who hated worms.. "Yuck.. here you go!!"

He dug with his shovel so hard and threw them away with force.

Aarav his friend was kind and felt bad for the worms. "Let them be Raju... I will carry them to my garden", he said.

"Aah, that sounds like a good idea but sorry, why would you take such ugly worms home?

I will give you bags of carrot instead", he offered.

Aarav smiled as he collected a few worms in a can.

Nimmu along with his family now had a new home - Aarav's garden.

But now they needed a real home...

So Nimmu and his family began to make a worm hole.. wriggle wriggle dig dig.

They made a few tunnels which connected to small rooms for each of them.

Nimmu needed a bed now... so once more wriggle wriggle dig dig.

Then he quickly went and peeped out of the hole and looked around.

He saw an old tea leaf box.."Perfect. I have found my bed. Now let me use this tea bag as pillow" he told himself.

"Oohh... its getting cold inside. What do I do now?"

He went out again and dragged back a piece of lettuce from Aarav's garden and used it as a blanket.

But do you know what happened?

When he started falling asleep, he felt hungry and was too lazy to get up.

Then next....

Nibble, nibble.. chew, chew... He had to sleep the whole night without a blanket. He had chewed it all.

His dad brought him a small cardboard sheet... Because worms cannot nibble n..chew chew cardboard that easily.

And Nimmu and his siblings started to quarrel who would use it and then it became a L shaped Sofa made by folding the cardboard sheet.

"Well, I am going to get green peas for the cushions", Nimmu smacked his lips.

"No Nimmu...noooooo more nibble nibble chew..chew" everyone yelled together.

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