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An Alien Comes To Earth
An Alien Comes To Earth

© Ravi Ramanathan


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“An alien comes to Earth and gazes upon the endless Sahara desert; it looked upon few short green colored plants with thorns instead of leaves scattered here there. It had had a small body sizing up to half a feet. It had a head which was quite large compared to its body. One huge eye was on the - center of its forehead two noses in the place of eye, a mouth completely wrinkled and small it had one hug wing in the center of his back which horizontally placed. On top of its head there was only one hair like structure on top o the hair like structure there was a glowing orb. Its skin color was mars red. I t flew away as soon as it saw me.”, exclaimed Mr. Raj, the Indian traveler who had went for a trip in the Sahara to the news channel 24X7 news.

After five days,

"?Hi, This is Rahul from 24X7 News, The same Alien which was seen in the Sahara Desert was again spotted in Juhu beach, Mumbai.

Here you can take a look at it, we captured its photograph. It flew away as soon as it saw many people in the beach but Indian jets are behind it at high speed carrying huge nets, determined to capture it."

After few hours,

The Alien has been captured, it was also found out that it is not an Alien but is a robot which was controlled by someone unknown yet. It was made to fool people and a few of those fools were murdered. The dead bodies of thee people had been stacked inside the huge wings of the Alien or Robot.

The families of those people had given a complaint to the police stating their family member is lost. The Indian police is in search of the person who had built the robot. Bye guys this is Rahul from 24X7 news, will meet you tomorrow at the same time."

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