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King And The Three Sisters
King And The Three Sisters

© Mayeesha Singh


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A king had once gone for hunting. He reached deep inside the forest, then after some time he realized that he had lost his way. Soon it was evening and now the king was lost, tired and hungry. Still he kept on galloping on his horse and came to a small village.

As soon as he entered the village he saw three girls playing near by. Seeing the tired man on the horse, the girls came near him and asked who he was. The king hid his identity and said, " I am a cloth merchant and have lost my way, in the forest, while returning from Vijaygad kingdom. Can I rest somewhere and have some food to eat?" The 3 girls, who were sisters, lead the king towards their small hut. They introduced themselves as Mira, Tina and Reena.

Mira the eldest, went inside the house and bought food for the king as their parents had gone to fields where they were farm workers and they had not yet arrived. Tina brought a cot outside in the courtyard for the king to sleep in as he looked very tired and the breeze outside was refreshing and the youngest Reena had fetched water for the king to drink and freshen up.

When the king was asleep, their parents had arrived and the girls narrated the story as to who their visitor was. Their parents were happy that the girls had taken good care of their guest in their absence. They were poor but their heart was big. In the morning when the king woke up he was quite refreshed. He also saw that his horse was also well fed and had been taken care by this family. He met the girls parents and thanked them for their hospitality, He then introduced himself and gave them his real identity.

Before leaving the king called the girls and asked them what gift should he give them for their lovely behavior. The girls said, their parents have taught them not to expect anything in return for favors they do. The king was very happy to see, what lovely upbringing these girls were brought in. He said from now on, your education and clothes and all your needs would be taken care by me and he gave a pouch full of gold coins to their parents as a token of his thanks giving.

Moral: A helping hand need not be always rich monetarily.

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