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Give Your Hundred Percent
Give Your Hundred Percent

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A little girl and a boy used to play together. The boy liked to collect different pebbles of all colours and shapes while the girl collected shells. One day it so happened that the boy was fascinated by her collection and he offered to give her all his pebbles if she would agree to give her shells. The little girl thought for a while and then agreed. 

At the time of transaction, the boy kept the most beautiful and the biggest pebble for himself and gave the rest to her. However, the girl kept her promise rather more truthfully and gave all the shells...even the most beautiful and colourful shell to him.  

That night, when the moon hit the sky, the girl slept peacefully. Conversely, the boy couldn’t catch up with his sleep till late at night as he kept thinking if the girl had kept the best of shells only for herself and had not given it to him just the same way as he had hidden the best of pebbles for himself.  

Lesson Learnt: 

If one doesn’t gives a hundred percent in a relationship, he/she will always doubt the other person’s contribution. This logic is applicable in all relationships whether it is between lovers, employer & an employee, girlfriend & a boyfriend, one friend to another, parent & the child OR husband & wife. Give your hundred percent not for anything but for the FAITH that they have in you, and in return I assure you a peaceful sleep.

Someone has beautifully said, “ Carve your name on hearts, not marble.” 



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