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A Smile To Share.
A Smile To Share.

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It was Thursday

Just one more day away from weekend

But when you sit near window

Which covers a weather of dark clouds

With a green touch,

Accompanied with cool breeze,

Then you don't need an excuse of

Near weekend to be happy

As if that small square space

Of window had the power to show you

The beauty of this vast universe

I was listening to few of

My favourite calm songs

Which was just like cheery on the cake

Broader smile followed it

The bus stopped at signal

And it was then,

I turned my head to see

The person sitting next to me

He was half lost with his music

Alike me, I gave him a smile

He returned me the same gesture

With a little surprise

And I reasoned him by sharing

My moment of happiness

He anticipated it

I knew I had made a new

"Just to share a smile" buddy.

You don't need to wait

For the best people in your life

To share your happy and peaceful moments

Maybe you can just forget the

Common judgmental thinking

And let the unknown know your happiness

And I am sure it will keep coming back to you.

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