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Me And My Friend In Hostel
Me And My Friend In Hostel

© Shubham Bipin Mishra


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This is the story about me and my friend Rohit, staying in the hostel. Now-a-days, people think that students live a freely life in the hostel but this is not always true. Sometimes students wants to live in the hostel to study and build their career which is shown in my story.

I and Rohit were the studying in the college and sharing the same room in the hostel. I was from Chennai whereas Rohit was from Delhi. Both of us belonged to lower-middle class family whereas mostly boys belonged to Upper-middle class and rich families.

One day in the hostel, boys decided to go to their homes in winter vacations but both I and Rohit didn’t want to go back to our homes. All the hostel boys were surprised and asked the reason.

I replied “I am from a joint family. After the expiration of my mother in a road accident, my father has sent me in the hostel to study and make my career otherwise my grandfather and other relatives will try to discontinue my studies and get me in to farming field. My father wants to educated me and see me well settled in my career.”

After that, Rohit told “I am an orphan child. After the death of my parents and brother, my maternal uncle and aunt are my guardians but they treated me like a burden. As an adult, I am the only legal heir of my parents money and property, so they cannot take anything from me forcefully. That’s why I have no parental house in reality”.

All the boys felt sorry to hear the circumstances which were raised in their life and very necessary for hostel stay for me and Rohit. They decided that they will bring both of them to their homes in holidays to make them understand that they are not alone in their life and create a family environment as they are staying away from their house in the hostel like a family.

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