Keep Walking, Together?

Keep Walking, Together?

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We were walking down that familiar lane when you took a moment and confessed, how you felt. You said, “It was something I wanted to tell you from a long time”, and now that you are leaving and don’t have anything to hold on to and because you have promised me to let go of everything you are holding inside, here you were confessing your love for me.

And all I could say was,”Okay!”

Which was opposite of what I meant, I had streams of questions running through of my mind, my head spinning 360, heart racing 1000miles/p/h and all I could say was,”okay!!”

Instead, I wanted to ask, how did all of it happen, when did you felt you were falling for me? was it the first coffee we shared or was it the walk from the cinema? Was it the burgers we ate together or was it at the first sight? Was it the way I smiled at you or the way I rolled my eyes over your silly jokes? Was it a few second affairs or did it felt like centuries?

was it the dream you talked about where you saw me or was the cupid arrow too sleek to miss me?

I wanted to know all of it, but all I said was just,”okay!”

Rather we kept walking, not holding hand, don’t talk about how I felt or what you wanted to hear at that moment, not looking at each other, keep walking...

Keep walking…together?

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