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Tides Of Tears
Tides Of Tears

© Kalyan Manne


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"So far is my dream... Yet I'm chasing!

So long is our journey... Yet I need you to start with!" ...with this quote he started to write... a story of his past distress... a story of his present dejection... and a story of his future despair!

It's not that he was rejected by her, its the 'distress' that he was never ever taken into consideration...

"That night.. when we both were pointing to the sky.. we said to each other "I can see U there!"

I was looking at U as my Moon... bright and beautiful...

While U... U saw me as the cloud that just passed by!"

He never expected this coming... he was not prepared for it... for the first time in his life he is facing this mode of 'dejection'. His smiles vanished as if someone has just erased them!

"I dont know if there is still a hope for Love... I'm still here fighting this Storm... the storm that took everything & everyone away...

So far somehow I survived the high tides... but now I'm afraid of drowning in my own tears..."

They Waited inside for too long... finally through the eyes rolling down the cheeks they made their way out slowly...

Though in 'despair' he said to himself "those weren't just tears... it is the purest expression of Love!"

He wished he could get over this... but the thought that he is losing her "AGAIN" is stinging him...

May be his Dreams of Destiny were shattered by the Facts of Fate!

Facing Hatred... he still Loved.

Taking hits to the Heart... he still Survived.

Holding pain within... he still Smiled.

... all with a hope that he could carry his heart over these 'Tides of Tears'.

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