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Good Night I Replied !
Good Night I Replied !

© Snigdha Banerjee


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You held me tight in your arms,
the night air nipping at our skin,
our breath clouds of warmth,
mixing underneath the stars
"I love you," you said, your hands meandering,
up and down my spine,
trying to keep me warm,
in the frosty October night
corn stalks gently grazed our jeans,
you held me close,
perplexing the lurking demons,
warming my blood,
with your lips
"I love you too," I said holding your shoulders
you wrapped me in your arms,
folding our souls together,
like an origami crane,
and you kissed my cheek,
our frozen fingers entwined
"Don't ever leave me," you said lovingly,
as you buried your face into my neck,
and kissed it lightly
I lay my head on your shoulder,
and the goosebumps on my skin faded,
as my body enjoyed the cold
"I won't," I murmured,
you stared into my eyes,
and pulled me closer,
our lips a millimeter away,
you know what I like
I felt your breath as you asked
"What would you say if I asked you to marry me?"
Even though it was only 2 seconds,
space in between that question,
felt like two hours,
honestly, I never wanted that moment to end
"I would say yes, why?"
I could feel your pulse rise,
and your skin start to warm
"Because someday I'm going to ask you, and give you a diamond ring, almost as beautiful as you"
I smiled 
a reflection to yours
as we sat under
the yellowish crescent the moon
"Then it's a yes"
I laughed
my annoying cackly laugh
the one you love
"Can I kiss you?"
My eyebrows lowered
in sarcastic annoyance 
but I giggled
As you kissed me
i smiled
"Please take my sweatshirt," you begged me
I noticed my shivering body
the hairs on my arms rose
and my fingers felt
as if they belonged to a dead person
"Okay!" I reluctantly said
you put your sweatshirt over my shoulders
and as you cuddled me closer
and kissed my lips one last time
I opened my eyes
the light from the moon 
streaked across my face
suddenly I heard you whisper
as we stood on my doorstep
"Goodnight!" I replied.

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