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She Is Still There.....!!!!
She Is Still There.....!!!!

© Nishi Kashyap


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A dimly lit room, a bed covered with white bed-sheet and a white chaadar covering her half body... There she was, lying with that not so enthusiastic and cherishing surrounding, gawking at the fan with her black, twinkling eyes...  missing her black long and thick hair, her beauty which was lost now… lost while she was fighting a Malignant Tumour. A shaved head… removed breasts… pain and pain and pain… but still she was fighting day and night with all her will power just to see her son grow old… to help her daughter in pubescences… Tears rolled down her eyes at the thought of the word ‘ORPHAN’. That could not be her moirai. Her son hardly had memories of them together. How would a 4-year old naughty boy survive without his mom? All these thoughts were making her restless. Suddenly, inflamed and contorted fingers touched her cheeks and with an amiable smile the lady planted a kiss on her forehead. A hollow silence grew around her, with only their eyes talking. By now a doctor entered her room for a routine checkup. With a very flimsy voice and glinting eyes she questioned him, ”Doctor, when will I be able to go home?” 

The doctor rolled his eyes and with an annoyed tone replied “Do you really think you’ll get better? Don’t you know what you are suffering from?” 

But again, with an angelic smile, she argued, “But there are many who fight this disease and live”. She was lying like a statue of stone for four hours when the entire room filled with a strange silence. Then suddenly, her heart-rate increased. Everyone rushed inside… the old woman started screaming for help. Hurdle of expressions were flowing over her face, she grabbed her mother’s hand even tighter as if she wanted her to stop her or hold her so hard that even THE YAMRAJ would not be able to take her. For a moment all the good, bad memories of her life ran in front of her eyes. The memories of her games, fights with her brother and sisters… the food made by her MOM… the hidden concern of her FATHER… the unconditional love and care of her SPOUSE... the first cry of her CHILDREN… Everything flashed like a movie in front of her. Now, she realized, was THE END. But still for the last time she gave her angelic smile to everyone around and left the hand of her mother, like she would never hold them again…

Story Of A CANCER patient on her death bed

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