Salute To Our Soldiers

Salute To Our Soldiers

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This is a world of crumbling values, made all the more vapid because of the intense desire to rationalise attitudes and live in a mist of illusions.

Deserted away from the glamour and clamour of the city, he tried to revive his sweet old memories. He staggered with his wheel chair to the top of the cliff. All those medals that he was adorned with...brought him tears of joy. Not willing to submerge her masked emotions she consoled him.

War created partitions, ups and downs, but it made them move closer. He was one among the few to survive. They had to climb uphill while their opponents with lethal weapons marched downhill. He could remember the endless violence and bloodshed. Heads were severed mercilessly and bullets were fired aimlessly.

Those backdoor deals to acquire few more chunks of territory and people who want to restore their immortal link contra-flexed at this juncture. His patriotism never died and it continues through his son who is a major in the army and his daughter who is an army doctor.

Everyone among us is indebted to their contribution to this country. We should express our gratitude and wish them luck for their future endeavours.

I place my deep sense of respect to the person I have mentioned in my story.

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