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For You Smthng Frm My Heart
For You Smthng Frm My Heart

© Soumya Ranjan Bisoyi


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The inner most sentiment of mine made me find you. I saw you for the first time and kept looking for you till a colossal black mosquito traumatized my right leg. I came into my bona fide life. But could not wrench my button like eyes from you. I thought what an endearing girl! I gurgled myself. I found you harmonious. You were attention-grabbing. I was watching a breathtakingly beautiful girl and In that case I could add another adjective unrealistically beautiful. At first I thought you are a figment of the imagination, then again I thought, in that also I would not unearth a girl so miraculous. By staring at your exquisiteness I became flabbergasted. Your charisma left a dent in my heart. I became completely enraptured and mesmerized. The sweet, alluring, congenial face of you could not give me a single night to sleep. Your parlance did attract me more towards you. For the first time I deemed something like chalk and cheese in my heart. You were effortless but amiable. You were like a poet’s poetry, a magician’s magic. Your beauty was divine. Your beauty was gleaming like a flower. Your tender smile was inimitable. It had the divine power to make a ninety year’s old man to feel his adolescence stage. It had the power to make alive more than thousands of ravenous people. As well as had the power to make a dwindle flower to blossom. You were a seraph from heaven. Your talking, walking, elegance and last but not the least everything were heavenly too. Your eyes were vivid and as deep as a sea. A perfectly drafted nose, flawless attractive lips of yours just were underestimating the top photo editing soft wares. Your voice was a synonym of a melodious romantic music. Your fingers were the most eye-catching part. They were out of the ordinary ones. Those were bearing a resemblance of an artist’s finger. Those were soft, subtle but touch proof. You were damn picturesque and irresistibly attractive. Your aroma filled my breath. This made me able to take fresh air as breath for the first time in my life. And finally if truth can be told here you were a cut above then my narration. I have no words to illustrate you.
Every time I was staring at you, some physical and chemical reactions were transpiring inside me. I was yearning a lot of things to do for you. And those wishes are still with me.
I want to witness you every time. I want to cuddle you tightly under my arms. I want to grab your face and kiss you. I want to glare at your thunder lips and all I want to kiss them passionately. I want to clutch your hands with mine. I want you to lean on my shoulder on a desolate road while walking. I want you to be with me in the drizzling evening, so that we both can marinate heavily. I aspire to take a pleasure of candle light dinner every other day with you, with one candle, you and me in opposite sides, soft romantic music and with some romantic, impish talks. I want to feel your beauty with that dim candle light. And if you will agree then we can enjoy some French wine.
I want you to come closer to me slowly so that we can feel each other’s breath. I want to take a nap in your lap for some time to feel the world of caring and pureness.
Everything about you told here are truly true. And the yens of mine are not counterfeit, not filmy but my self-dream my own deeming and last but not the least my ultimate desire. I want to make happen those dreams with my dear one. Another thing, when our eyes sealed for the first time you did formulate me wheezing. Till now your love has enveloped my heart with the same resilient gaze and amorous temperateness. In these days also I close my eyes and dream of your close embrace. I am dreaming that our fingers intertwining and your soft lips are pressing against mine. Sweetheart everything about you takes my breath away.
These are the things I wish I could tell you. There are many more things I need to tell you.



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