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In My Dreams
In My Dreams

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It all started on the day when one fine evening, Dad announced that he was about to be transferred to London. Mom was excited about a new life abroad. As I was studying for my undergraduation there was no question of me accompanying them. And so was the case with my grandfather whom I lovingly address as Dadu. He was old and ailing and could not travel. So it was decided to shift me to my college hostel and Dadu to an old age home. I was pretty excited about the idea of staying at the hostel and enjoying the thrill of freedom with my friends. But Dadu was pretty upset about leaving his home.

On the day Mom and Dad were leaving I was dropped at the hostel by them with a huge set of instructions to behave properly and to follow the rules both of which me and my friends were not planning to do. Before they left they also shifted Dadu to the old age home. My first day at the hostel was a day of merry making. Being a day scholar, I was under the strict surveillance of my parents. But from today, there was no one to rein me. I was free to live my life the way I wanted. In the night, we jumped over the hostel compound wall and went out to watch a late night movie. We were absolutely tired and sleepy by the time we reached back and crashed upon the bed soon.

In my dreams, I saw Dadu that night. His absolutely terrified face flashed in front of my eyes. He could not settle himself down in the old age home. He could not eat the food they offered him as it was too spicy. At home, Mom used to cook bland food according to Dadu's liking. He was famished for the day. At night, he could not remember where his inhaler was kept. It was me who used to take proper care of his inhaler and other things, when he was at home. As he could not use the inhaler he suffered from breathing problem and was about to choke.

I woke up at once as Dadu's petrified face flashed in front of me. Right then, my mobile rang. It was from the old age home. They had shifted Dadu to a hospital as he had some breathing problem. The very next day, I began hunting for a house that I could take on rent to live with Dadu when he is discharged from the hospital. I never hesitated in sacrificing my pleasures and the enthralling feeling of freedom for Dadu who has once laid the foundation on which our lives are prospering now.

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