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A boy wants to travel towards his passion who is from a lower middle class family where both his parents work everyday to feed him and his siblings, knowing each and everything about the condition of the family after his graduation started his career in an irrelevant field, meanwhile he applied for post graduation just to gain a higher degree and as every parents wish is to get government job for their children the same happened in his life, he resigned the job after doing for few months because of the pressure and joined in an Institute with an aim to crack a government job in between he is seeing the financial conditions which were been growing in a bad phase and again he wanted to join a job to support his family but he didn't find a job according to his choice as he doesn't want to repeat the mistake which happened with his previous job.

He waited for an year after his first resignation and he had faults in his job trails because of the thoughts that were running in his mind about his passion.he relocated to join courses for getting into a job, the funny and important one is there should be add-ons for the courses that were done or you should be having an experience for getting into a job where he learned some and failed to do the rest and joined in a company to see his survival not forgetting about his passion and not regretting but thinking about his parents dream of gaining a government job.He is growing in his age but not settled in his life creating a pressure for his parent's and still in a situation about his career whether to shift his job to a software by learning courses or workout for his passionate dream or to live upon the words of his parents.

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