Dared To Dream

Dared To Dream

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Everyone does have a particular dream but not all are lucky enough to accomplish it and then there are those whose dreams are just ended as soon as they have Dared to Dream.

Such is the story of Tanaya a girl with a bright mind and dreams as clear as water but life wasn’t a bed of roses for her. Her father believed a girl should be educated but not so much that her husband feels insecure of her and there is no one to marry her at the end and she tends to be all alone. Tanaya wanted to pursue her dreams she could pursue most of them such as donating money to the poor by walking down the streets instead of using transportation, cleaning up public areas by going there after college but her biggest dream was to become a Chef which her father highly disapproved but she managed convincing him by telling him it’s in the benefit of her future as she could cook different dishes which would impress her future family.

3 Years passed by Tanaya had completed her education and had to start looking out for a job through college recruitment she got into one of the finest restaurants in town with a very good position as well as she was going to be the highest paid from her college Tanaya in excitement rushed home and told her family about this opportunity her father in anger pulled her from her hair and beat her up with a belt and warned her she dare not dream more as her marriage has been fixed with a peon and his family doesn’t want him to have a wife who will be working but just do the household chores. Tanaya cried the entire night next day she decided to tell her mom and leave the house for good till the time she saw her father crying for beating her she sat next to him and he exclaimed “ all I have done is so you have a safe future and you get married into a good family so that there is someone to take care of you when your mumma and I are not there anymore” Tanaya cried hearing this and later explained her father that she doesn’t need someone to take care of her as she wants to be self independent she wants to make her family proud of who she can become instead of them paying for getting her married she wants to be a person where people wish they could pay to get married with her she wants to be as successful and hardworking as her father instead of sitting at home and feeding the kids.

Her father got up and left and she went to bed crying as she thought he yet did not understand her and her emotions. As she got up she had a letter by her side which said “ thank you for the confirmation for your job hope to see you on Monday” she went outside where she heard her father breaking off the marriage as he wants his daughter his princess to be the best and not shatter her dreams for anyone.

Tanaya learnt she dared to dream and that’s what has let her to who she wants to be instead of being scared of dreaming as most of the other people around.

10 years passed by Tanaya made her family extremely proud and has become one of the finest and highest paid chefs. Her father now gets proposals for her hand in marriage with anything at stake.

Tanaya managed to make herself and her family proud without giving up on her dreams..

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