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A Little Girl
A Little Girl



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Once upon a time there was a poor little girl called Munni living in a village across the river with her parents. She was very polite & wise. Every year would she stand 1st position in her class, so, she was favourite to all the teachers. She like to read, write and study. Her school was across the river. She went to school everyday by crossing the river. At rainy season, due to flood , she could not go to school with her friends. There was neither any pool nor any kind of boat to cross this river. So, she determined when she earned she will make a strong pool for all the villagers and students.

One day she requested her father to make a raft with planks of wood . So, they went to the jungle and took some logs of wood. Then they together started working to make the raft with rope and long rope hanged from starting to end of the river. It took them two days. Then the next day she started to go to the school with her friend with the help of this raft.

Then, when she reached the school, she was asked some questions from the teacher. She gave the correct answers to the questions. When the other children of the class used to play and have fun, she (Munni) used to learn her lessons. She stood always first in the class after so much of learning. All teachers liked her so much.

One day she qualified from her school with a scholarship then she studied more and more and after she got master's degree in science and also prizes, medals and certificates from various competitions in dance and music. Once she appeared in I.A.S. examination and cleared successfully, then she became an officer.

After few days she became famous in her district, she did so many good work one she made a strong pool for her village to school that all the students can go their school comfortably and she lived happily with her parents ever after.

studious disciplined success

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