Just Because Women

Just Because Women

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It’s was a usual sunny sunday, I would always imagine how the life would be if there would be a continuous night for 1 week…I know it’s never going to happen..damn lazy to get up from bed. But still I have to…Sitting on the sofa sipping and enjoying my tea...Just wavering my thoughts on how I brought up...

I have always been brought as a typical Indian middle class family Tamil girl..our father owned a two wheeler(TVS 50) which he has been using for more than 10 years and strictly my father will take us to theaters only for superstar Rajinikanth movies(though he is not a fan of Rajinikanth). And we have glass bowls and trays in the showcase almirah which will not be used for years. But my mom makes sure that she will take that and clean once in a year and will be kept in the almirah again.. Going to restaurants is like a going to world tour for me and my brother...And my father will be questioning me for half an hour just to give Rs.5 as pocket money..We never had mobile phones to play games..Atleast 4 days in a week we will be eating idli/dosa as a breakfast...Seriously those days were golden periods..oops...But now my thoughts are around the superlady my mom..

What I wondered all about her is how this lady is working for 24/7 without any leaves and that too with the happy face...Atrue rock star...I still remember She will be first person to get up in our house...whenever I go to kitchen ,there will be always a vessel in the stove for making tea..Our family members will get up at different time and she never make faces for making tea each time..

She will keep ready my uniform neatly ironed .After I come back home from school my home will be super clean ...My energy booster in my school days is the food she cooks...My tiffin box will be the first to get finished by my friends and even in the house I keep licking my plate for the sambhar she makes..

I can never hide anything from this super-lady,she will find it out by seeing my face..O!! God!! What super power all moms have...When I need new dress..I will always hide behind her saree, representing her to talk to my father...And I still remember how she smoothly ended a 1000th war between myself and brother..

What an luxurious life I had..Not luxurious by things !! luxurious by pampering of my mom!!

I heard a voice from bedroom..Amma..(Mom)..Oh!!My son !!woke up from my thoughts suddenly..And I remembered now there is no one to give coffee in my hand ..to prepare food for me..to make me sleep in their lap...I have do all my work by myself...since I am wedlocked !!!

Just Because women !!!!

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