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Me And You
Me And You

© Charu Vashishtha Gulati


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The class was going in full swing.

The teacher was scribbling something on the blackboard the children were busy talking amongst themselves. It was a usual day for all.

Suddenly the peon arrived and handed over a slip to the teacher. The teacher's expression changed immediately. She took off her writing glasses and called Siya.

"Siya dear, please come here. Something has happened. Your father had an accident and .....he is in care of God now. Let me help pack your stuff so that you can be with your mother. She needs you."

Siya's face lost all color and she started packing her bag mechanically.

Her close friend Jia, who was sitting beside her, remarked: "What happened Since?"

 "Jia I lost my father. What do I do now? He was everything to me."

 Jia tapped her shoulder lightly and said cryptically "Jia, I am your past."

After a few weeks, Sia got back to her classes but Jia was not there. She tried to find out about her but nobody knew.

Years passed and one fine day while and enrolling for a reputed college Siya saw Jia in the queue beside her.

"Jia, it is unbelievable to find you here and you look so lean and so beautiful !"

Jia smile and said "Siya, I am your future." with that she left, never to be found again on the college campus.

Years passed and they met again. This time at the hospital. Siya had delivered a healthy baby girl. She took the baby in her arms and proceeded to carry on the reliving formalities. She found Jiya there carrying a baby wrapped in a pale blue blanket.

Siya remarked enthusiastically, "Jia, you are here too. What a coincidence !"

 Jia smiles faintly and replied empathetically, "Sia, I am you."

And with that she left again in haste, never to be seen again.

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