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Thriller!,Journey To Mongolia
Thriller!,Journey To Mongolia

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It was a foggy morning of winter, I woke up with a fresh mind, I gave a big yawn , the birds were chirping the squirrels were hopping and running round and round just like catching up each other . "Son John come down stairs and have your breakfast" my lovely mom calls me, I answered her "ya! just a minute mom."

When I was finished with my breakfast my mother gave me a joyful news that our relative who are living in Mongolia has hosted a birthday party of their child on the coming week they have invited us also. I was too much content and can't wait for just one week but fruit for waiting is always sweet.

" One day left to the journey to Mongolia".

My Mother started packing bags , the meal for the way was ready. My lunch box was ready it contained all my favourite things like sandwiches, salads and juices.

My father was busy in some laptop work when I just slant my body a little much and side long in my father's laptop he was booking the tickets of train from Baley (place in Russia)to Darhan(place in Mongolia) and I got the window side seat. I become mad in happiness as the view from the window is so wonderful and beautiful that you will never get bored.

After dinner my mother told me that sleep early today as we have to leave our house at 7:00 " ok mom" I ran towards my room and just leant on the bed by a high jump and sleep into no time

" Day to leave for Mongolia".

We were standing on the railway station and were waiting for the train then there was a announcement that the train to darhan will reach the station within 5 minutes please arrive at the platform.my mother gave me a smile and sad "enjoy your journey".

The train arrives and we Settled our self in a comfortable manner. The most happy was me while sitting on the window seat. I just gave a kiss to my father on his cheeks and thanked him he gave me his phone and said "click every beautiful scenes and landscapes and you can also play games " I thanked him .

There was a sudden breaks applied and I felt a little jerk my mother than make me comfortable and told me "It may be some problem, that's why train is being stopped for a while." I again started watching outside the window I saw some horse riders on their horse I told this to my mom she just wait for a second and started whispering with my father. After the talk he nodded and raised from his seat and said" just coming in a minute" with a smile.

Half an hour passed but my father was not back I mother can't call him as his phone was with me she said the son be seated here I will be coming in just a minute. I said ok mom.

After a while my mom called me in a screaming sound " son John , son John ." When I followed her sound, it was coming from the another boogie and i stepped out from my boogie to go to another boogie every body was screaming and they were looking scared, when a stepped in side the another boogie their were some people standing with a cloth mask on their face with a black turban and black clothes with a gun in their hands there were some peoples setting behind them I saw my mother in that group of people.

I screamed loudly "mother" the people who were in black clothes saw me and call me near to them they told me to set down on the floor and ask me that "where is your mother?" I said "my mother is in the group of people behind you" he pointed out my mother and ask me that is this woman is your mother I answered" yes" . He shoots my mother and throw her out side the train where my father was also layed dead . I screamed "noooooooo" and after a sudden jerk... I was on my bed I just run out of my room to watch my parents I went in their room they my father was having the morning tea with my mother my mother ask me " what happened son why are you so scared " I showed her my hand with a sign to wait a minute and I took a long breath of relief I told her that I saw a nightmare. My father called me near to him and gave me a lovely hug and said that take a bath and cone down stairs for breakfast ,"ok father" I answered.

I just ran inside my room and locked it and when I remember that nightmare I started laughing at myself.

It was an unforgettable and scary night mare . I will try never to remember it.

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