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Life Of A Rose
Life Of A Rose

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It was a story of a rose. The rose was in full bloom in a garden of flower. One day the son of the owner of the garden came and tore the rose off the tree. He then went to his room. He kept the rose on a desk. He wore a beautiful floral shirt and washed his face and dressed up neat and clean so that he looks handsome. Then he took the rose from the desk and started his journey and he went out of the house. He took his bicycle and reached another house. It was late afternoon. In front of the house in a lawn , a girl was standing near the fence. He got down from the bicycle and kept it there and entered the lawn through the gate. The girl was so happy. He rushed to the boy. The boy gave her the rose and she kissed him. Then they talked for a while when it was almost dark they left for their houses.

The girl, after entering her room, kept the rose inside the fold of a thick book. She was 16 now. After that whenever she opened the book, she kissed the rose and put it back. For at least a year she did that. By that time the rose became stale. Despite she put it in the book. After a few years she went to a new city for higher education. Before that she sold out some of her unnecessary old books. With them she also sold the book inside which she kept the rose. She sold it to a vendor. The vendor sold the books to a poor man, who makes paper packets. He found the rose and threw it out into the dustbin.

rose life cycle

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