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Mahebub Sonaliya




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Sometimes things appear very dramatically in the life. Sometimes people laugh in the pleasure until they feel the pain in their jaws and very next moment, time compels them to cry. Same thing was happening with the people of Amreli. They had celebrated hundredth birth anniversary of Gunvant Dada; what a day it was! Indeed a great day. That was special occasion for the people of Amreli to show their respect toward him. All the honor and all the respect toward him is because of his nature, good deeds and services for everyone. He and his all siblings were freedom fighters. They served the nation. Gunvant dada had established an organisation in Babapur to serve people. He had established 15 schools in Amreli district and one school in Bhavnagar district. He established many gau shala and orphanage. Dada was the first chairman of Amreli zila panchayat. People call him “Gunvantdada” with true love and respect. Gunvant dada had spent his entire life in the service of people and welfare of society.The joy of people itself explained how nobel Gunvant dada was. But that joy could not last for a long time.The simoom of mourning and anxiety was everywhere When Hasumatiba passed away from world, just after two days of this celebration. She was co variant of gunvantdada. All the happiness, All the joy and giggles converted into the gloom and tears.Every one was in shock. Who can anticipate the time?

Sushmitaben came from her maternal side for funeral.she waned to present their last sari as per rituals to Hasumatiba. I had a good relation with them.So they urged me to go with them for buying saries, flowers and shringar. It was good for her to having a local person. I got opportunity to do something for gunvant dada. I agreed to go with them. In fact nobody could deny for such task.


I had dropped my car at the clinic of my old friend, Dr. Altaf bhai Desai far away from bazaar. 

“Why here?” everyones spoke simultaneously.

“How can we go ahead during days of Deewali. You will see that there will be not enough space. I know it will be little bit inconvenient for us, but there is no alternative.We have to walk” I urged everyone to get off from the car.

We had started to walk. As we reached the bazaar, both of ladies left me at flower shop for shopping. A gentlemen was enjoying him freedom. Owner of flower shop was good friend of mine. After all, we met after long time. our chatting was inexhaustible. We were remembering all that old days. various type of memories.

Rackety market of amreli did not allows anyone to have conversation. Crowd of people were roaming in the quest of something. Although they had spent much of time in the bazaar, they had lots of thing remain to do yet. Narrow street of market was jam packed with vehicles. Animals were wandering in middle of the road, the vendors were shouting to attract the customer, annoying noise of bargainers, flees were humming here and there, some people were quarreling for money, lots of people gathered to enjoy this spicy drama at free of cost. some had pressed their horn switch firmly to clear the road to move ahead, some children were literally crying for toys and other were crying for candies but their parents didn't allow. How we can have conversation in such a hustle and bustle.

This thing was enough to interrupt our conversation. In addition to this interruption My phone rang to disturb.I was totally astonished. How can it be possible ? I was being called from my own number. First I thought that I might be hacked. I frowned. I checked my phone display twice then I realise that it was not exactly my number. All digit were same except one. Thus the illusion was created.

    “Am I talking with Mr. Arif?” A hindi speaking unknown lady spoked at other end of phone. Her voice Was enough matured. It seems that She might be above 40. Well I can not tell the exact age of people by their voice. I am not expert in this matter but some how my mind said that she was forty plus.

"Yes, madam I am Arif" I replied

"Did remember that you have recharged for Rs 500." She said

"Madam I did recharge many time for that amount" I said gently

"Oh sorry I forgot to mention the recharge that was done in my husband's phone" she gave hint.

How can I forgot that Recharge. About five or six month ago, That was bright and calm sunday . Environment was very pleasant. I was playing cricket. It was very nice day. I was giving my best performance that day. Mushtaq interrupted my game. His phone call paused the game. He told me that it was a very good offer. Telecom company was giving 500 bucks for recharging with Rs 400. I told him to recharge my number. I disconnected his phone call and continued the match. That was very awesome exciting match. In the end we crack the match. We white washed the opponent. There is nothing better than victory. What a match.

I came back home for a lunch. I was enjoying my meal. Again Mustaq interrupted, he called me.

"Hello Mustaq" I picked up his call.

"Did you check your balance?" he asked

"Actually not, let me check" I disconnected the call and check my balance.

I found that my balance was not 500 buck. That means recharge was not done. 

I called Mushtaq and informed him. He said perhaps it was because of low network issue. He advised me to wait for some time.

I had waited for evening. But it was fruitless. I had still not got the balance. I had visited to the Mushtaq's shop. This was also strange for him. It never happened before. 

I said him to check properly. He had searched his history. After a few minutes he spoke that it was his mistake. he had recharged some other number. All the digit was same but one number was differ from my mobile number. It was omission. He was afraid that he could have lost the Amount of recharge.

I knew he was small retailer this money means lot to him. Hence I bore that loss, I Paid rupees to him. Mushtaq thanked me many times for saving his loss. I remind him that it was genuine mistake. I took the number from mushtaq that was recharged and I called that party.

After long time, I think on the last ring someone picked up the call and said "hello"

"Hello Sir, I am Arif, I had recharged for Rs.500. But by mistake it was recharged to your number." I explained politely.

"Ohh yeah, I was thinking who had recharged for me?" He said, his voice tone was heavy. He spoke very slow with many pauses.

"Hmm" I dont know what to speak.

"You don't worry, I am at home now.when I will go out, I will Recharge for you" he assured me firmly.

I thanked him and cut the call. It seems that he was good man. "I need not to be worry" I put my mobile in my pocket and smile on face.

Next day I had gone to my office. Whole day was full of activity. Many people to meet. Many rushes. In this haste I totally forgot to check my balance. I checked it at night but it was same .

I again called that party. He apologized for not recharging. He advised me to not to worry he will Recharge when he will go out. I can understand there might be some reason that he could not recharged.

After a week Mushtaq met me. While conversation he asked me whether I got my money or not. I forgot that matter. I checked phone. I wonder that party didn't recharged .

I called him and asked for recharge. But he gave that stereotype answer. " You don't worry, I am at home now. When I will go out, I will Recharge for you" 

"I feel that he was liar. This is selfish age... man, nobody would repay.I don't think he will Recharge for me." I was speaking to my self but Mustaq nodding his head. I forgot this incident completely then. Nobody recharged for me till now.

"Hello Mr. Arif do you hear me? Why don't you answer me?" That lady contidued.

"Yes madam, tell me what can I do for you" I came back from the memories and replied.

"I want to give you that money" she began to cry now.

“No Madam, I don't need that money now.” I said to her. I had feeling of being dupe. I directly refused her to accept the money.

"I insist you, please accept it." She said

"Actually I remind it thrice. Every time I talked with a man." I said 

"I beg your pardon, he could not recharge for you, he was my husband" she begun to cry.

After little pause she continued 

"He was suffering from lungs disease. He was totally on bed rest for last 7 - 8 months, he left the world last week"

"Ohh" I can't reply more. I was stunned.

" Please accept this amount. We will be very glad if you accept it." She urged.

"Please give this amount to some needy person. That will be better use of money." I said

"Mr Arif we will also do that." She took pause

"Do you know what was the last word of my husband?" 

His last word was

" I will not get Beatitude untill this debt on my head will pay. Don't forget to pay Mr.Arif"

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