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The Girl In The Backyard
The Girl In The Backyard

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Are you ready Lou? ", shouted my mom from the kitchen. We were moving to Maddison. Isn't it so annoying to just shift every two or three years? Well that's what goes on in my family. After you make friends with so much trouble and then you shift to a whole new place and u have to make new friends all over again. Well we were going to leave for Maddison. The house that my parents bought in Maddison had seven rooms, a pool and a medium sized backyard with a tree house which still looked in a pretty good condition since the house had been empty for two years.

After two hours of driving we finally reached Maddison. The house looked old. The neighborhood had just five houses. The tree house was my favorite. I went to check out the tree house. To my surprise there were still soft toys present in the tree house but the house had been empty for years. I spent my time in the tree house till it was time to have dinner. I was tired with all the travelling so I went to bed early. At night around twelve I heard some laughing noises coming from the backyard. When I got up and looked I saw a girl around twelve or thirteen sitting and doing something which could not be made out. I was surprised with horror as a girl was in my backyard at the middle of the night.

I went down to check what she was doing there. “What’s your name and what are you doing in my backyard at the middle of the night?“ I asked her. “Dawn “she said softly and then started running towards the tree house. I ran behind her and while ruining stumbled upon a small mound of mud. I got up and started running again. As I reached the tree house the girl disappeared in front of my eyes. I stared at the empty room of the the tree house as the girl vanished. I thought I was hallucinating until I dug up the little mound which I had stumbled upon earlier and found a gravestone. On the gravestone was written 'Dawn - 1999-2012'.

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