She Typed.. I Love You

She Typed.. I Love You

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He bought a brand new smart phone for her wife. Taught her how to call and message him when he is out. In few weeks she learnt how to use some of important functions.

After evening dinner he was watching Television and she was into her phone. Her fingers were hovering over the keyboard and first time ever she typed ‘I Love You’ and sent it to him.

His message tone rang!!

She was silently tittering and staring at him from the corner of eyes.

He grabbed his phone and checked the message which he has just received. After reading those three words, his lips smiled and tuned his gaze towards her.

Still blushing and shying expression were playing on her face.

He replied same three words with heart shaped emoji and gently took her wrinkled hand in his palm. For few moments both aged eyes plunged into the ocean of pure eternal love.

Time was changed, but the love of old couple didn’t.

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