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Geeta was a minor girl of 15, who was married off at that age. Her mother had passed away when she was just ten, leaving only her father to look after their four kids. All four were girls. After she was 15, her relatives began telling her father to get her married off. For Geeta, marriage was a possible change in her life, for the better. She thought, she would get to own things, cook her own food and have enough to eat. However, none of this proved true, when she was finally married. She had to worry about her in-laws, after marriage. She was struggling at home anyway, so might as well struggle out there, with them. This is what her father thought. Her father Debendra, found a well-to-do family whose youngest son was chosen to marry Geeta.

The people who had brought the match were saying that there was a boy with a house and he was from a well-to-do family, so Geeta should marry him. She was married off, after just two days of this conversation. She was barely 15, then and she did not know what is sex. Moreover, she was also scared of it. This was because she did not know what it was. Even though she grew up without a mother, she was capable of knowing what was right and wrong.

After the marriage, Geeta's husband began to misbehave with her each night. He would eat and drink (alcohol) until 2:00 am, then mistreat her, making her clean after him. She would reject his attempts to treat her as his servant. One morning, when she woke up and was about to get ready when she saw that his entire family (in-laws) had come to her maternal house. "These girls have planned all this. They want to usurp the flat." Geeta's mother-in-law then labeled her son as a eunuch and asked him to take control of Geeta, rape her and molest her to challenge her father and aunt. Her husband then began groping her, making her very frightened of him.

His misbehavior with Geeta continued the whole night. In an inebriated state, he slapped Geeta and pulled her hair. No one came to Geeta's rescue. From then on, every night Geeta had to face this treatment. One day, he ripped off Geeta's clothes and wanted to kick her out of the house. Geeta refused to leave and started looking for something to hit him with. However, she did not go through with her action because she feared that if she missed her target, he would beat her horribly.

Geeta thought that after the birth of a child, her husband would not trouble her for sex. However, in the third month of her pregnancy, he pinned her down for a good twenty minutes and he tried to rape her. Geeta faced all kinds of ill-treatment including being beaten with a gas cylinder. Meanwhile, she became pregnant with their second child. All the ill-treatment was getting too much. One day, her husband slammed her head five or six times against the wall, making her feel dizzy. She managed to get out of the house, hail an auto and reached the nearest police station. However, the cops did not help her out of her predicament. They told her to go to her sister's house or any other relative's house, stay there for some days, wait for things to settle down, and then return back. However, Geeta knew that if he stayed with him any longer, she would die. It would not just be a simple death, but, a gruesome death.

At that moment, Geeta rebelled. She went back and told him that she no longer wished to stay with him. She repeated this many times, in front of him, in the face of his taunts to her. Looking at her defiance, Geeta's brother-in-law came to her rescue. He helped her run away. That night, Geeta migrated to her sister's house, holding one of her children in her arms and the other running alongside her, with her husband hot in pursuit, sword in hand. At her sister's house, both her sister and her husband decided to take her and her daughters under their wing and look after them. She was waiting for such an opportunity. Thereafter, she spent ten days of happiness. But, her husband burned down her brother-in-law's auto-rickshaw. Finally, her brother-in-law told them to leave, fearing for the worst.

She met a priest at a gurudwara and requested him to give them shelter. Geeta stayed there for five days. She was given a mattress and a blanket and she ate food and slept in the free kitchen. Geeta and her children wandered around without a home and food. It made Geeta realize that she had to start supporting her daughters. She knew that if she found out a house, she could scrounge up money to pay as rent. Her husband used to taunt her to become someone's mistress as she was uneducated or work as a prostitute or in a dance bar. However, she was certain that she would never do anything of the sort. At that juncture, she met a woman who asked Geeta to help her around the house, so that she could put food on the table. She also helped her obtain a house, where there was no water or electricity, to live safely.

A few days later, she asked Geeta what she would do for a living. Geeta asked her to help her get a job as a cook so that she could earn a decent income. She suggested Geeta become a mistress. On sensing that there would be trouble, Geeta left the house and immediately dumped all her bags in her sister's house. A few days later, her sister helped her find a job as a cook. Here, she had to make rotis, 500 in number, everyday, for mere Rs 1200 a month. Geeta made 250 rotis in the morning and the rest in the evening, each time, remembering to take home some for lunch and dinner respectively.

With time, Geeta moved to a decent place where she paid a decent rent. She stopped working at the mess and made friends in her neighborhood. She saw her friends dressing beautifully to go to work every-day. They told her, they were employed to give massages to males and they were paid well. She asked them to help her find a job with them and they agreed. The next day, she went to the location, was introduced to a senior and her salary was fixed at Rs 8,000 per month. She took the job, immediately. However, she soon found out that it was a sex parlor in the guise of a massage parlor. She ran away from there.

That night, she prayed hard asking him never to make her sell her body or beg. She asked her father to find her a job. Her father used to arrange devotional programs at people's houses. He gave her the number of one of her contacts. Geeta called them and they turned out to be a dance troupe. Her father told her to join the dancers to earn some money. She did and began enjoying the stint. Food and snacks were given free and she was given a salary of Rs 400, which was huge. On another shoot, she met a friend who told her that she resembled a friend of hers, who did stunts in films. This looked attractive to Geeta and she took up a job as a stuntwoman with her help.

Geeta began doing dangerous stints like wearing a fire body suit, a costume over it, and setting the body ablaze. The flames burned her face and she was in pain. However, she was treated. She returned home and her children and brother told her not to do such work. However, she was not going to quit. She got work as a stuntwoman and enrolled her children in a good school. She had been through a lot.

Today, she was in such a financial position that she was sure that she did not need a man to support her and her children. She was of the view: Why should a woman be subservient? Cannot she be her own support? Her entire journey may seem like a journey of bravery and courage and inspiration, however, she was doing this by choice. She did not like ghulami or servitude. She says, never settle for abuse, Karam bhagwan hota hai. She wants people to understand the true meaning of azaadi (freedom). It is not an illusory idea as people think it to be. It is truly to be able to stand on your own two feet without anyone's help. She was FREE.

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