The Drunken Night

The Drunken Night

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I kept looking at my phone but the message never came. I knew she won’t come but she could have messaged me atleast. I tried contacting her which she reluctantly picked up and gave me the same old reply of hers, “Sorry Ryan, I can’t make it”. Before I could say anything, she hung up the call.

I did have the bartender to pour me my drinks, which kept flowing one after the other, Neither did I hesitate, nor did he stop. I was totally out of my senses when I tried walking out of the bar; even reaching my car was a distant dream and driving it home was possibly an impossible occurrence.

In the car parking area where I was trying all my might to insert the key to get my vehicle started, something happened. I had finally given up, and rested my head over the steering, there came the knock on my window shield and a sweet voice which followed. I couldn’t remember much of what she said, but did know what happened next. I was on my bed, recollecting the dream and the angel in it with a severe migraine to accompany. Atleast I think that’s what happened.

As I tried getting up, I found a note attached on the cupboard which said “Meet you in the bar at 6. Don’t be late.” It was already five, and the bar was a little faraway place, so had to hurry but didn’t know for whom. I got ready and went down, but couldn’t find my car; I did have my keys to my surprise. All sorts of questions started to rise in my already annoying head, so I decided to concentrate scene by scene, right from the start.

There surely was a knock on the window shield, did I reply to her? I would have because she was nothing short of an angel, even my drunken self would have realised that. But what did I speak to her? Is she the one who wrote that note for me? Was that note for me or for my roommate? It can’t be for him; he is been out of town for a week and won’t return for another 10 days. It must be her!

As I tried gulping the usually smoother JD (Jack Daniel’s), I still couldn’t recollect a word from yesterday. I faintly remember the way she looked, but that wasn’t sufficient for me to recognize her, especially when it’s Sunday and the bar is totally full. The watch beamed 6PM, while I still had no sign to locate her. Then I got a call, this time it was Aisha; yes the same person who never showed up yesterday and the reason I got so drunk. I ignored her call, I didn’t want any apologies, I just wanted her then but now I don’t think so.

Talking to myself

Me: Hold on, I want to be with Aisha even now. The thought of not being with her, makes me sad. I shouldn’t be waiting here for some random person, while I must be convincing Aisha about how much I love her. I should tell her what I feel!

As I got up from my seat to leave, I felt a tap on my shoulder, only to realize that it was Aisha standing next to me, and cursing me for not picking up her call.

Me: What are you doing here? (~little worried!)

Her: To have my drink and may be dance a little, I think everyone comes here for the same reason.

Me: Smart answer, but now tell me the truth. You don’t generally come here until its important or for meeting someone, who you eventually ditch in the very last minute.

Her: Hey, I was busy yesterday. I did try calling you again to inform you that I will be a little late but your phone wasn’t reachable.

Me: You told me that you won’t be coming!

Her: Just after that call, I felt a little bad for making you wait; so took a little time off from my work and headed this way to meet you. As your phone wasn’t reachable, I thought of surprising you which I don’t think you were, when I showed up.

Me: You came to the bar yesterday?

Her: Yeah, we even spoke to each other. Do you remember anything from yesterday?

Me: Oh my God, was that you in the parking who helped me get home?

Her: You were trying to drive a car without even inserting the keys, I had to help!

Me: (In a lower tone) So you were my angel?

Her: What?

Me: Nothing actually. Thank you Aisha!

Her: Oh please, for all those words you said yesterday, I must be thanking you.

Me: What words? (Mind Voices: Did you curse her, you moron did you curse her??)

Her: I love you too Ryan. I don’t know why it took you so long to tell me this.

Me: (Dumbstruck!!) Did I? What? Propose to you?

Her: You told me that I was the most beautiful person you have met and have been in love since the time you saw me.

Me: (To myself) That I really am. Oh my god, I told her; I was dying to tell her from a really long time.

Me: These words used to run in my mind, every time I see you or speak to you or even when I remember you. I do love you, more than anyone else I have known.

Her: Hold on Ryan with your dialogues and all; Full on filmy they are, write a few of your own, then you can use them. I would be happy to listen.

Me: Haha! Would you like to dance with me?

Her: Sure, I would love to.

As the lights went dim, and music went mild, we found each other amongst all inhibitions by just being there for one another. These chances are rare to come but when they do, it’s nothing like them.

Quoting from the Alchemist

“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

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