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He waited by the side of the window, waiting for her to come. He was sure she will. Just didn’t know when. The weather outside helped remove any last vestiges of doubt that he might had in his heart regarding her arrival. The enchanting scene outside could not betray the longing inside.

 The trees rustled their leaves, trying to hold on to them the way a girl holds her hair onto one side, removing them from her face when wind blows. It was like God has switched off his high watt bulbs and instead allowed the softer shades to shine upon, the slightly pale ones, with a grayish texture.

 No, he could not be wrong about her. How could he? After all, about an year has passed. He had been waiting for her so long. Though distance separated them, their love always kept them close. He could sense her. He could not call her to confirm for she didn’t have any phone. Slightly old school you know, always unpredictable. And that was what he loved about her.

 She would come at some time, when he would not expect her, but her sudden arrival always left him drenched with happiness. She would leave at her own will, just like she came when she wanted to. She was free spirited. He never controlled her. Actually, he could not control her. But that was okay, as long as she visited him, for he was madly in love with her.

 She was loved and waited for by so many people that he couldn’t even count. And she would merrily oblige all those who loved her, even those who did not for she never learnt to differentiate between people. That was the secret to her beauty- so full of love. Innocent yet mischievous, mischievous because she would also, sometimes, create trouble for others- not knowingly though for that was a part of who she was. Simply beautiful!

 He had prepared her favorite food. Actually, it was his, but he liked to eat it in her company- tea and pakoras. He waited, his patience not giving up. It was the day. It has to be. He was all ready, ready to embrace her and kiss her.

 Waiting still, in the balcony, on a chair, he felt asleep. And then, he felt her on his eyes, kissing him- the first drop of rain.

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