A Story Of A Brave Ankita

A Story Of A Brave Ankita

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It was a hot summer afternoon. I was awaiting my results for the SSC selection and as I received the news. I was on cloud nine.I got selected to serve my country. It was a proud moment for me. I thought f serving my motherland with utmost honesty and integrity.

After my training I was posted at the most sensitive area of a country, Kashmir. I went there but was pained to see the condition of our people there. I resolved to bring some happiness into their lives. As a soldier I pledged that apart from duties I will also teach the children of poor people who are living a dark life.

I collected some money from my colleagues and arranged for books. I then started an initiative EACH ONE TEACH ONE. After facing initial hiccups,my efforts started bearing fruits and my free classes started spreading like wildfire. The government took notice of my efforts and gave me permission to involve more people into it.Now we are to satisfied that we did our bit for a noble cause.

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