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Mayuri Zadeshwaria Talia

A well written story describing aptly the roller coaster ride of every couple with/without children in today's scenario. I am sure this is the reality of most couples in the big world out there.

Kavita Gopani

Well written story.

Gorthi Manasvini

wonderfully written

vishal sahoo

Its difficult you can say or just the desire for better life that both husband and wife go for a job to earn these days..but when you have a child, someone needs stop..or may be just divide the work hours..because being a parent is a bigger job than just earning money. This story reflects about how Aditi's transformation made her stronger and more open towards life, but what about Dipti? Have any idea how difficult it was and will be for her to forget her own biological dad who she knew for 2 years of her life, and would be easy for her to accept the man that her mother loves? Its no question to writer or the readers or nor is it a criticism for the ignorance of Dipti's feelings, just a reminder that children are not a responsibilty or an object of custody after divorce or in a marriage, they are your part of life, a part of you. So next time you get your salary or bonus, be happy and try to make up for the time you missed with your child in order to get it. Kudos to Om for such a beautiful story relating to lives of most these days, connecting some way or the other. It really struck a string mate. peace.!


Hi ,OM I believe as a through person of English language since school time but the outcome was seen in this story you narrated in a very simple language but true emotions in each and every lines . It's the most happening fact in life kg maximum due to the third personal choice of busy schedule and ignoring communication among the family intact with their better half . The story depicts search of pleasure & satisfaction on a thin line with every moment of danger hidden in it ,whereas the safest path is at home only. About the story awesome to read and wonderful to feel from heart. And a big support to women who are married and dedicate their life to upbringing of the husband future generations forgetting about herself . Hope we get more to read soon in future . AMIT BUDHIA