Day IN = Day OUT

Day IN = Day OUT

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"One day, I will be a happy person," a five year old girl replied to her dolls while palming in the minds of blues by the sea shore with the sundown. The usual playing time it was with a different interruption of some absurd reflection occurrence took place between her eyes in order to shift her outlook toward an old man standing in the middle of the sea shore holding down sun in the fist as if he has overcome world biggest victory, the girl couldn’t stop her bare feet and runs towards the “magical man”, which she believed him to be, and stood by him with absolute silence.

"Alas! Do you know little girl", the man uttered, "when I was a kind I had a dream chasing down sun in my between my fist with the idea of being powerful, rich, and everlasting human. And do you know? It’s been 50 years of life, I have richness of life, power, money and everything, but I couldn’t catch up the sun until that day, because I thought dreams has to be rich, powerful, big in order to be a dream."

And the man walked away tripping out the girl with nothingness and zero understanding, but the girl did one thing she held the sun and promised him that she will never run away from him in context to anything. It made no sense but the magical man lived out an experience on that girl that made her happy, blissful cause sometime we don’t have to work 40-50 years of life in order to full fill our dreams or they have rich, big or powerful.

Sometime dreams can be day in and day out experience of life which adds up more peace, happiness, greenery in ones life in order to dream for the next moment of life cause small dreams ends up the most beautiful compositions or canvas of different tones and shades of eternal experience.

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