Good Advice

Good Advice

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Good Advice

Don't lose your mind into  depression 
In front of any struggle in life, 
Don’t lose your patience.
Your attempt should be bloomed to survive 
from all the pain. 
Keep cool your brain. 
That will, one day, give you gain. 
Many say, many things 
but you stay for your special thing. 
Don't get depression over whatever others say
Because you must say,
“One day,
 I will be the winner.”

Stay In Nature

Stay in Nature.
Trees of green faith like green gem
Whisper, for you, good wishes and pleasures
That you must take.
A green hopes emblem our land when green leaves, they shake.
Mild, meek, sensuousness
Under the green plot
Through vein and sense
Of us
Blow with a lot.
Build a great friendship with nature
What the love for other
You can know.
Pity upon creatures
You can show
If you drink liquid of panoramic beauties of it.
Please dream for it.
The real love upon your chest
For the birds and for wild beast
You can understand
For them, love of  you, can make
So, believe in nature 
Fever of unintelligible world never shakes
The soul of foul
Does not curl
Sense and soul.
Little Star

Twinkle , twinkle little star.
Come near, don't go so far.
Earth calls you to wander
on the Earth.
Setting sun and the glimpse of thunder
Invite you to come on the bosom of  mother Earth to wander.
Your are the sources of glitters and you are the sources of pleasures.
You are the real joy and the real treasure
As you are the soul of the nature.
You are gem of the sky.
You are satisfaction of eyes.
Please come on the earth.
The hard earth will be softened.
The pain of the Earth will be lessened.
Please come on Earth.
Please glitter every birth.

The beggar

When the sun does arise
With bare body or half clothed they stand
on the empty road side.
Truckled with hard steeps and cliffs
with bare legs
They open their bag to beg.
Tears come from eyes.
Pain of being suffered comes from their dried lips.
Only sorrow they feed.
No one sees them, no one greets
them, feeding them lot.
Refusal seems to come to them.
Cruel  fate does not bring for them any gem.
How cruel we are, the mankind!
No sympathy, no kindnesses come in our mind for them.
We don't, feel they are like us.
Send them on earth, God and Jesus.
On disgrace those, we only, disgrace the God and Jesus.
But they should be our service.
They should be our please.
That sends for us heavenly bliss.

 Where is happy morn?
Where is long wished day?
Ruinous life of mine causes a doomsday.
I have lost heart which is pinned with a hole
of dark in all my life.
As my fate hopes betrayal
Conspiring to make half broken heart With unhealthy strife
Odd uncertain world, love, where, uncertain is love.

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