Living For Yourself

Living For Yourself

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Just stop.

Stop looking for the answers and start asking the real questions that actually define your problems.

Stop chasing the demons and name that thing a true love

And most importantly stop confusing your stable life with the feeling of having it all.

We all come across the people who look so happy when they help others help them in showing the right path help them in fulfilling their own dreams and we start mirroring them and think our happiness our satisfaction the defination of a successful life means helping others but always remember the rewards of such deeds is frustation only.

There was a girl who was as happy as a teenage girl should look like she experienced every normal thing of falling in love of having someone who she can die for. But one day he just left her for another girl... Was the girl not enough for him? Was she so ugly? What was the fault of this girl? Or maybe as you can see the devil in this story is a boy the heart-breaker. So what did she do? She left him? Nope, she did the same mistake that we all do. The mistake of thinking that we are incomplete without someone the mistake of not recognizing that we are putting so much pressure on this other person to make us feel complete to make us feel wanted that we forget that we don't need anyone to feel so.

One day she stopped when she caught him again with another girl and took a deep breathe and instead of playing the blame she realised it's okay to let it go it's okay to feel like you are only person there for you. She just stopped being the dependent soul and promised herself she will be happy not because it's the rule of society but because she was done with holding on to someone for the happiness she always wanted.

You really forgive yourself for the mistakes that you have done only when you stop doing that again and she did the exact same thing she stopped following the people and started living her own dreams and one day she realised how unnecessary it was to be depend on someone

People always emphasize on you have only one life you life once but what about the concept of death? You don't die everyday if you have the power to choose for whom or for what you want to die for it should be worth enough to give your soul the happiness. Dying for people will always leave a question what about after death he remembered me or was my sacrifice was worth enough. Dying for dreams is the thing that can actually put a full stop on your death you lived your life fulfilled the place the space the purpose of your life the last thing that one can anything do i.e dying you did it for yourself for your dream I think the main issue of breakups depressions and all negativity is people are all behind the way how they make the life more perfect.

Just have a dream chase it find the happiness you always wanted give your soul the sip of relief by living for yourself and by having the rush of fulfilling the dream.

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