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He saw his mother. He was covered with mud and his mother was laughing heartily. ''Oh my God Rishabh, I can't stop laughing! How did this happen?'' She asked, holding her stomach tight, grinning widely. ''I... I fell in the puddle while rescuing a puppy.''

''Oh, is the puppy safe now?''

“Yes, ma.''

''Come here now.'' She pulled his cheeks lovingly. He re-lived that sensation. He saw his father. He had the trophy in his hand. His father was beaming with pride. He could barely contain himself and picked him up in his hands. He felt the joy in his eyes. He saw his sister. He had brought gifts for everybody except his sister. She was upset and angry beyond measures. The door bell rang. She opened the door and saw a brand new Vespa. The tears in her eyes ran down as she looked at him, smiling broadly. He could see that smile. He saw his wife. He was leaving for his pre-war training. He wouldn't see her for two years now, but she wasn't crying. She put tilaka on his forehead like the queens did in the ancient times when their kings left for wars.

She said, "I am proud of being your wife. Victory shall accompany you back home,'' and hugged him tight. He could feel the warmth of that hug. He opened his eyes and the bullet touched his heart. He sacrificed his life for the nation, smiling.

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