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A Message from the Dead
A Message from the Dead

© Afshen Kkhan


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Old and crippled, I lay on my king size bed. I see my wife, children and even my grandchildren around me. The nurse is sitting on the chair placed next to the bed. It is time for me to leave this world. My body fails to function. I feel every part has given up. I am unable to move. My vision is blurred and my thoughts are hazy.

My wife still hopes that her prayers can save me. I can see the love in her eyes. But, today I see fear too. She fears losing me or maybe she fears living a life all alone and then death. My children seem really upset. I am contented that they are independent and doing very well for themselves. I have been a fabulous father to them. I have not only been a good father, but also a responsible and caring husband. I have fulfilled all my responsibilities. From an obedient son to a doting grandfather, the journey has been long but satisfying.

Finally, when I closed my eyes, I saw someone. Images from the past were flashing in front of my eyes. Physical pain turned into mental agony. It was hard for me to believe that I could see Samantha. She looked young and dazzling like always. Her silky hair and big round eyes still look the same. Those eyes were full of innocence. I loved Samantha’s tiny white teeth. She was crying like she was crying the day I left her.

We loved each other. She was the other half of me. One day I had to leave her and resign to my mother’s wish of marrying another woman who belonged to our caste and whose family holds a particular status in the society. I tried my best to forget Samantha, but she always remained in that little corner of my heart. Years rolled by and amidst all the chaos memories of the past took a back seat. I learnt to live without her.

I wanted to confess to my lady love that I still love her from the deepest chords of my heart. I can no longer bear this to my soul. Before I take my last breath, I wanted to tell Samantha that I regret my decision of leaving her. I never wanted to break her heart so ruthlessly. Both of us could have made a beautiful home together. We could have been together. Life would have been a little easier and I would have been happier. It wasn’t so difficult. Love is never difficult, giving up on love is. Regret is the most painful. True love is very rare to come. We should dare to love and never denigrate it. All we get is just one life.

I could see Samantha clearly. Standing in the corner of the room, she was sobbing. I wanted to shout aloud. I wanted to run and hug her tight. My throat was itching and my breath was getting heavier. At last, I closed my eyes and saw Samantha for the last time.  

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