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Rohan and Sameera happily married couple for last 12 years with two kids. Rohan was serving in MNC at good position where as Sameera a homemaker and freelance writer. Everything was just perfect. It was bright sunny Saturday morning she woke up bit late to start her day. Phone rang for quite long and she picked up Rohan's phone. Lady from other side was asking for Rohan and Sameera got to know that both of them were planning to have Sunday brunch together. She was surprised and so many thoughts rushed her mind at that moment. She was aware of that girl as Rohan's past and suddenly her call. First thing come to her mind was to confront Rohan but then she made decision to calm down. Arguments, arguments, silence for few days and back to routine what more.

She rushed to bathroom cried for sometime thinking is it betrayel or just casual meeting. Am I that typical nagging nasty wife that my husband won't open up in front of me? So many questions?

In the mean time, Rohan woke up and as usual checked his mobile first thing and suddenly declared I have got meeting tomorrow and wont be there for brunch Sunday morning. Life was as usual for him.He not even noticed that Sameera was completely shattered from inside with his act. She was again and again telling to herself they are different they think otherwise and he is not at all cheating on me as it is always said "men are from Mars" but still question remains why he haven't upfront told me that I am going out with my ex. Now it was Sameera's turn to take step. She thought, "I will keep mum for some time let's see if he himself tell me about her". Few days passed, she was still waiting but that day never come up. She was observing sudden change in his behavior, attitude and she was not fool to not make note of it. First thing come to her mind was separation, divorce. But after thinking a lot about all possibilities she decided to continue with her marriage but with new motive and new vision. She decided to take mental separation from her husband. A well thought of decision for betterment of her children and herself.

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