Love in Metro

Love in Metro

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One evening, I went in balcony of my room on fourth floor of the building. I was in jeans and T-shirt, and a hair band in head as my hair was little long. My eyes went directly to a building situated in front me. A beautiful girl was standing in her balcony, looking at me and smiling. She was also in T-shirt and jeans. Both buildings were situated exactly in front of each other and so, we both were also in front of each other. I was on fourth floor of my building and she was also on fourth floor of her building.

"Who is she?, why is she smiling and looking at me?, I am seeing her first time in that building, may be she has just shifted here. Yes, she is beautiful, cute, lovely and she is teen, may be age of 15 or 16. But the question is still same- she is smiling! Why?" I thought myself.

I looked around thinking may be she is smiling at another person; but no one was there even in my neighborhood balconies. Then I looked at myself and realized that I am wearing hair band in my head. May be it is the reason behind her smiling. She must be surprised and thinking that I am a boy and wearing a hair band.

"Doesn't matter, let her think, whatever she is thinking. I am wearing it because I have to set my long hair, I have to change my hair style and look." I thought and came back inside my room.

I opened my laptop and started to work. A few minutes latter, a naughty boy came in my room; who used to live besides me. He was living with three room partners and all were medical students.

"Bhaiya, you look little busy, but I have a good news", he said; "a new girl has just shifted in the building front of us. She is so beautiful."

"Yes, I know that." I replied normally.

"Wow, you are too fast. You have already seen her. How is she, hot na!" He told excited.

"Ya, little hot but I think she must have a boyfriend. Well, It is Delhi not a village and there are big differences between village girls and Delhi girls. So it will better to focus on study." I suggested him like a elder brother.

Next day, in the morning around 9:20, I went in balcony. She was already standing in her balcony. She looked at me for few seconds, went inside and came out from main door of her flat, wearing Jeans, T-shirt and a study bag in her hand. That building was constructed in this way that anyone can see whole stairs, balconies, and the main door of flats on every floor, from front. It was only one flat on every floor with two rooms, a kitchen, a bathroom and a small balcony.

So, my eyes followed her when she was coming down through stairs. When she finally came out from the building, she looked at me once again and started to go straight.

When she went, I smiled looking at the building and remembering her cute face.

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