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Importance Of Trees
Importance Of Trees

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A woodcutter named Jagan lived in a small hut. He was very poor. He had four members in his family. His wife used to work in some nearby houses and earn a little money. Jagan had two daughters. He loved his family very much. He used to go to the forest to cut old and dry trees and sell the wood in the market. Sometimes he would not get old and dry trees and would come back empty-handed. He did not like to cut the green trees for the sake of money.

One day when he came back without any wood from the forest, his daughters said, “Dear father, why did you not cut any tree today?” Jagan replied, “I cut only dry trees which are of no use. Dry trees are to be cut one day or the other.”

The second daughter who was listening to her father intently said, “But father I know many people who cut trees even when they are green. Then why is it that you do not like to cut green trees?” Jagan said, “My dear daughter, do you know that green trees are essential for our lives. They make the air pure and fresh. In the absence of green trees we shall not be able to breathe fresh air.” The daughter asked, “What is fresh air?” Jagan said, “You are too little to understand. But I shall tell you if you want to know. Actually we inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. These green trees absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. The trees make our environment healthy and check storms and foods. We can also make furniture from trees.”  Both the daughters said, “Now we understand the importance of trees.” In fact, trees play an important role in our lives.

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