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A Kiss In The Dark
A Kiss In The Dark

© Satyam Mahato

Fantasy Romance

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I was sitting on the roof of my house, leaning my back against one of the little protruding pillars, which were made to give support to the upcoming first floor of our new house. The sky was dark and the twilight gave an orange shade to it near the horizon. I couldn’t resist myself but appreciate the beautiful spectrum of hues all over the sky. I was enjoying my solitude, with a book in hand. I had always loved my solitude as I considered it as a desperate attempt to escape from the puzzle of life. The clouds were heavy and they could burst at any moment. The breeze was blowing smoothly and fanning my face with its magical touch. A few birds, which were left behind from their flocks, were flapping their wings in a rush to reach their homes, foreseeing a heavy rain that was to follow. A few trees, which were left in the southern part of our village, were dancing to the rhythm of the breeze.

As the sun elegantly dived below the horizon, the brightness got dimmed. Now, it was difficult for me to continue further with my reading, forcing me to shut the doors of my dreamy world. I put down the book on the floor beside me and turned to see the beautiful panorama created at the crack of the day. As the darkness intensified, the clouds prepared themselves to soothe the creatures, which had fought throughout the day against the anger of the gigantic fireball located far away from the earth..

Suddenly, the patter of rain came. The pattering sound, as the drops were striking the parched surface of the floor and quickly vanishing within a blink of an eye, soothed my ears. A shy raindrop fell on my spectacles and began to glide down smoothly obeying the call of its lover - the earth’s gravity. I removed my glasses and wiped the water by rubbing it against my T-shirt. I placed it atop the book sitting beside me and gazed at the sky with naked eyes. It was darker now and nothing was visible. Even, the electricity was cut down and there was a complete blackout. With my face facing the sky, I closed my eyelids and began to enjoy the raindrops on my face. From the dark recesses of my mind, some memories began to pop up.

All of a sudden, I sensed a gentle tap on my shoulder. I turned around to figure out the intruder in my solitude. It was difficult for me to appreciate the face. I strained my eye muscles to focus hard upon the face, but failed to figure out the person. The person stood there in a stand still position with crossed arms. I sensed a female on perceiving the long hair, which were blowing smoothly with the wind. For a moment, I had mistaken her for my mom, but she was taller and slimmer than her. She said nothing, came closer and sat beside me, opposite to the side where the book and the spectacles were placed. A familiar aroma went through my nose. I felt a calm feeling deep inside my heart. But a mist of suspicion clouded my mind. “How can she be here?” I thought and scratched the back of my head in extreme bewilderment.

“When did you come here? I mean, how?” I said, still unable to fathom the situation.

“Shh...” She whispered softly and put her finger on my lips. “Just enjoy the silence.” She added in her sweet voice.

I obeyed her and didn’t say anything. There were numerous questions swarming all over my mind, but I brushed them aside. I had desired this moment since long and I didn’t want to spoil it with my stupid questions. We both sat there in complete silence, which was adding a romantic flavour to the weather. We were enjoying the cool atmosphere - the drops, the breeze, the darkness, everything. Her scent was accelerating my heart beat and her presence was filling the voids of my life. She took my hand and entwined it with hers. Her touch was magical and I felt a delicious shiver of pleasure run all through my body. Her hand was soft and delicate, and her skin was as smooth as silk. Her hair were messy and the wind was helping them to fall on my face. A tantalizing fragrance lingered in my breath. I couldn’t see her face clearly due to the darkness, but I could feel her presence, her charm, her magic and a hint of life in my arid heart. I felt a divine touch on my lower lip, which lingered there for a few seconds. I pressed my lips against it and savoured the warmth. It tasted fresh and salty like a fresh drop of rain. Suddenly, a few drops splashed on my face and I opened my eyes to find no one- no fragrance, no hair, nothing


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