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Bond Of Parents And Teenagers
Bond Of Parents And Teenagers

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Erica is a fifteen year girl who is very influenced by Bollywood films and today's environment, but unlike other teenagers she has only her mother as her parent with whom she shares every bit of things that happens to her. They both share a very strong and unbreakable bond. But day by day as she was growing up she was getting diverted from her aim and started showing interest in boys and soon got into a relationship accompanying which she she started forgetting the teachings taught by her mother,and gradually the bond began to weaken. she was on the verge to spoil and destroy her future.

Her mother noticed this and tried to guide her. She adopted various tricks but could not succeed in her motive. Erica was not listening to her mother and was not able to see the real face of her boyfriend. Her feelings for her boyfriend were pure but she was unaware of the fact she is being used and her feelings are being played. This fact was only seen by her mother but she was helpless because Erica started considering her as her enemy.

The situation started becoming worse and worse as the days were passing.finally on 17th August 2018, there was a huge blast in Erica's life as on that day she saw the real face of her boyfriend. She was in a shock and was heart broken to know the fact that her feelings were being played.

Among all the pain the most overpowering pain was the guilt of not listening to her mother. She finally realised that no matter what happens, our parents are our support system and they always think for ourselves. Seeing her condition, her mother became her pillar. She helped Erica to become stable and brought the peace back in Erica's life.

By this time Erica learnt a lesson that nobody can love selflessly as our parents do especially the love of our mother is priceless. Realising this she made a fresh start in her life in which her mother was her mentor, guide and best friend. Following this simple rule she became very successful in her life and could touch the sky. Soon she met someone who was made for her.

Someone rightly said that nobody can do what our parents can do for us and everything has a right time. So have faith in your parents, listen to them, work hard and let destiny and time decide your results.

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