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Notice Board

Notice Board

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Ashwin looking at school notice board said to me: "for two things only our photo will be displayed on the notice board. One is for our achievements and other for expressing condolences of our death."

Me: "Ashu you are being selected to the final of state science exhibition competition. I am very sure you are going to do your best for this competition." For the next 2 days he didn't come to class. I thought he was preparing for science exhibition.

Once after the morning prayer in the school assembly principal informed about the death of my friend Ashwin due to cancer. This news shocked me. Unknowingly tears came from my eyes. After sometimes I went to principle cabin and said: "I came here to make one request to you."

Principal: "What is it?"

Me: "please don't display the photo of Ashwin on notice board

 which express condolences for his dead."

Principal: "What stupidity are you saying Nelson!" 

Me :"I wish newspaper reports including his photo which declares him as the winner in the state science exhibition."

Principal: "How is it possible? Ashu is not alive."

Me: "Yes, I agree but his stuffs for final round of exhibition is still persisting."

After hearing this principal contacted Naveen Nair, who was in charge of science exhibition. By God's grace Ashu's stuff was exhibited in the exhibition and it gained 2nd price.

As usual parents of Ashwin was honoured in a function. One day with mix of happiness and sadness I looked at the smiling face of Ashwin on school notice board.

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