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52 Cards.
52 Cards.

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Inspirational Romance

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When I was a child, I played a card game with my great nan.
It was called snap. We use to play for hours and laugh.
It is one of my favourite memories.
Looking back on it. It reminds me of how short life is.
52 cards in a deck, 52 weeks in a year.
each card symbolising everything that can happen.
You find and remove the jokers.
Maybe you ace one of your life goals.
then go and celebrate in the clubs.
hitting every fun moment with everything you got.
Until you find a diamond and then you decide to stick or split.
She is a beautiful straight flush.
You neck your jack and go all in.
You have the winning hand.
Soon you exchange hearts.
She is your queen.
You're her king.
You stick together like blackjack.
Now you have two choice's.
Do you pick up your spade and dig up a fresh deck?
Or do you shuffle again and see if luck is on your side?
Listen to your gut, Not your fears.

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