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The day of result had arrived, the condition of the house was that of a war zone. I was filled with tension about what was I going to do, how was I supposed to tell my father what I want.

The results came, I had scored 85% but I was still in doubt about how to tell everyone what I wanted, my father came home, delighted and proud.

After some time we all sat together to discuss about my career, and to discuss which field I should take.

"You should opt for science since you got such good marks." said mother .

"No, you should take commerce or who will take over the family business." my father said.

"Don't you want to know what I want to do? "iIasked

"What do you want to do?" they both asked unwillingly.

"Arts." I mumbled in fear.

"What, what are you going to do in that, you have such good marks. " my father said furiously.

"I want to be a writer."

"That's just nonsense, it will get you nothing in life, you will achieve nothing ."said my mother.

"It will give me satisfaction, that's all I want."

They both stared at me as if I had committed treason.

They didn't talk to me for some days.

After that, one day my father called me.

I was afraid but I went.

What I saw there amazed me, I couldn't believe my eyes.

My father had got me admission in one of the top arts schools in country.

He called me near him and said "It doesn't matter what you do, I just always want you to be happy. I couldn't understand you, I was blinded by the society's morals. Do what your heart says and always listen to it."

I still remember those words said by him.

It has been 15 years since that incident but till today I always remember my father's words to always do what your heart says and not listen to the society.

The society will see your success but will never see your struggle.

Always follow your heart and do what makes you happy.

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